29 Apr

Four Digits or commonly known as 4D is a legalized lottery game in Singapore and Malaysia. Over the years, it has gained popularity in both nations because of its simple and fast gameplay along with its lucrative prizes.

The 4D lottery has been the go-to lottery of many Singaporeans, surpassing other lotteries in the country, Toto and Singapore Big Sweep. Today, we will discuss the different types of bet in 4D Singapore and their differences.

Bet types based on quantity

Basically, you can divide the bet types into two main categories, based on quantity and quality. The first two bet types that we will discuss is based on the amount of prize the player can win.

  • Big Bet

If you choose Big Bet, this means that you’re playing across all five categories of prize distribution. Big Bet also allows you to have a better chance of winning due to the fact that you are also playing for the lower tier prizes.

  • Small Bet

Contrastingly, if you choose Small Bet, this means that you’re only playing for the top three prize categories. Compared to Big Bet, if you happen to win for Small Bet, you will be higher because it is in the top three categories.

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Bet types based on quality

The Bet types in 4D lottery can also be categorised based on the quality of entry of the bet to boost the chance of winning in the 4D result today. 

  • Ordinary Entry

The Ordinary Entry is basically the most fundamental form of bet in 4D gambling. In the Ordinary bet, you simply manually select any four-digit number in between 0000 to 9999. In order to play Ordinary bet, you need to leave the squares blank on the bet slip.

  • System Entry

In System Entry, you also enter the numbers in a particular sequence. In 4D, in order to claim the prize, the sequence of digits in winning numbers must also match the sequence on the winning ticket. 

Hence, in System bet, you play for all of the possible sequences in the numbers you entered which also cost you more than in Ordinary bet. To play for System Entry, you need to shade a corresponding square on the bet slip.

  • 4D Roll

For the 4D Roll, players must select three digits, and the letter ‘R’ serves as the placeholder for the fourth digit. The placeholder ‘R’ can represent any number from 0 to 9. The only drawback to this bet type is that the amount of your winnings will decrease. 

To play for the 4D Roll, you must leave the squares black, however, you need to shade the important squares on the rows A, B. C, and D with one ‘R’ square shaded.

  • Quick Pick

The Quick Pick bet is very simple as it is the complete opposite of the Ordinary bet. While in Ordinary bet you will manually select every single digit in your entry, in QP, the system will select random numbers for you. This approach is designed for bettors who are having a hard time choosing a specific number that they want to play.

The QP bet is very fast and cost-effective, and in order to play it, you need to leave all the squares blank on the betting slip.

  • iBet

The iBet entry is very similar to the System bet, the only difference is that you will only pay the cost for a single ticket in all of the possible combinations of the numbers you have chosen. 

Additionally, if you happen to win, your prize money will be divided equally among possible combinations which means it will be a lower amount. To play for iBet, you need to shade the corresponding square on the bet slip.


Now that you know the different bet types in the online lottery, it is now easier for you to choose which one that you prefer the most.